Jessup Tenacious Tac 1

PVC polymeric, white, 80 µm, matt, with clear super high tack rubber glue, double PE, 140g, EN13501 flame-retardant

Does your "hi-tack" material fail again on a difficult surface? Then the orangeJet Tenacious Tac family is the solution. Tenacious Tac 1 features 25µm rubber adhesive to bond your message easily to low-energy plastics, powder-coated metals, and other choppy substrates. The adhesive is designed to adhere better and faster to difficult grounds than to polished metal. This makes our vinyl the solution when others fail. Tenacious Tac 1 is the entry level product in the range of hi-tack champions. Tenacious Tac is also available in TT2 version with 50µm adhesive and up to 125N/100mm adhesive force and TT4 with 100µm adhesive and up to 160N/100mm adhesive force.


Data sheet

80µm PVC Polymer, matt
Rubber glue, clear, super hight tack
Self-adhesive film with hologram effect on flat and light structured surfaces
140g double PE
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Jessup Tenacious Tac 1 TDS

Jessup Tenacious Tac 1 TDS

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