orangeFloor AsphaltArt

The self-adhesive and aluminum-based floor graphic is the long-lasting solution for all flat and rough surfaces indoor and definetely outdoor


Asphalt Art is a floor graphic which allows campaigns where all other materials fail. Based on aluminum and with a top coating including small glassbeads this material takes shape of the surface structure and stays at the applied place. With the anti-slip certification R13 this film is absolutely safe and also chemically resistant and long lasting. AsphaltArt is direct printable with all digital printing technologies and needs no lamination. AsphaltArt is officially licensed.


Data sheet

Thickness (without Paper and adhesive)
260µm Aluminium, white, matt
Solvent Polyacrylate, clear, permanent
120g double PE
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orangeFloor AsphaltArt

orangeFloor AsphaltArt

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