orangeFloor LamMe HeavyDuty

Extremely thick and robust floor laminate for high duty traffic.

orangeFloor LamMe Heavy Duty is the "unbreakable" floor solution for extreme use. Combined with our orangeJet TenaciousTac, the LamMe HeavyDuty creates a sandwich that can even withstand the rotating tires of a forklift truck on smooth floors. The combination of a print medium with rubber adhesive and this 580µm thick laminate is thus absolutely unique and suitable for places where other solutions often fail.


Data sheet

Thickness (without Paper and adhesive)
580 my, PVC polymeric, rough, semi-matt
Solvent Polyacrylate, transparent, permanent
A self-adhesive heavy-duty and fat floor laminate for applications on places with extreme traffic.
170g double PE
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orangeFloor LamMe HeavyDuty TDS

orangeFloor LamMe HeavyDuty TDS

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