orangeJet SkinMe

The printable PU which gives your surface a second skin - lasts for everPrintable with solvent, eco-solvent, latex und UV-curable inks


orangeJet SkinMe is the solution when all other self-adhesive films fail. The water-active glue sticks on all surfaces, regardless if flat or structured, clean or dirty, on walls, glass, plastics, concrete, low-energetic surfaces etc.After application it is like a second skin on the surface because the film is also very thin. Please have in mind you will not get the film off easily, only with a high pressure cleaner or with a scraper in small pieces.Made of 100% PU SkinMe is environmentally friendly. The solution for never-get-off applications.


Data sheet

45µm Polyurethane
Water Sensitive Glue, clear, dry
orangeJet SkinMe sticks after activating the glue on all surfaces, independent of flat or structured, clean or dirty. Attention! The removal will be extremely difficult!
120g single PE coated
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orangeJet SkinMe TDS

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