Business Description

Jessup Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer specializing in adhesive coated films, laminated materials, and photoluminescent films and sheets. Jessup products are used in many industries, including industrial and facility safety; all transportation sectors (aerospace, automotive, rail, marine); building and construction; action sports; graphics media; and diversified manufacturing. Jessup was founded in 1956. It has two manufacturing plants in the United States and is headquartered in McHenry, Illinois.
Jessup is an innovative source for custom adhesive coating and laminating of flexible materials. Jessup develops engineered solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, including those that require solvent-based adhesives. Jessup can custom coat client-supplied materials or source whatever is needed for the application.
Whether prototyping or producing on a large scale, Jessup’s mixing, coating, converting, packaging, supply chain management, and logistical capabilities provide ingenious and efficient solutions for a diverse group of manufacturing, institutional and government customers.


Commercial/industrial products include Safety Track® non-slip tapes and treads; Flex Track® non-slip tapes, treads and mats; Glo Brite® photoluminescent films and rigid sheets; and Glo Brite® and Eco Exit® photoluminescent exit signs.
Jessup Griptape® is the leading brand of non-slip tape for the global skateboard market.


Jessup engineering services include product design, testing, analysis, and certification compliance. Coating capabilities include knife over roll, Mayer rod, and saturation coating of pressure sensitive adhesives, heat seal adhesives, and all kinds of laminates over film, foil, woven, nonwoven, paper, and specialty substrates. Converting capabilities include slitting, die-cutting, sheeting, rewinding, perforating, printing, dyeing, and embossing. Packaging capabilities include labeling, bar-coding, shrink wrapping, boxing and shipping logistics.

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