orangeView GreenMe

PVC-free perforated OWV 30/70 for environmentally friendly see-through campaigns


You are looking for a one-way-vision campaign but also for a PVC-free material? orangeView GreenMe is the solution. The 100μm PET film is the environmentally friendly option without any loss of quality. Printable with all digital printing technologies and a well-balanced 30/70 perforation you can make your one-way-vision campaign without bad conscience. As a laminate we recommend our orangeView OWV PET Guard to have a PVC-free bundle.


Data sheet

Thickness (without Paper and adhesive)
105µm PET film
Solvent Polyacrylate, clear, removable
This product can be used for any indoor and outdoor application on windows where you need a "see-through" effect. As orangeView GreenMe is PVC-free you also have an environmentally friendly solution.
180g Double PE
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orangeView GreenMe TDS

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