orangeView OWV PET Guard

Optical clear laminate especially developed for OWV


The laminate for perforated one-way-vision film has a high importance. On standard printable films the laminate only protects the print, but in this case the laminate covers the holes and it has to be extremely transparent. orangeView OWV PET Guard is optically clear. Also the laminate is extremely solid and avoids the typical golf ball effect when the laminate goes deep in the perforated hole. With this laminate you can expect the best see-through-effect. Our orangeView OWV PET Guard is the solution for PVC-free applications and recommended in combination with our orangeView GreenMe.


Data sheet

Thickness (without Paper and adhesive)
38µm Polyethylene
Solvent Polyacrylate, clear, permanent
Self-adhesive laminate for one-way-vision film
23µm PET liner
internal item code


orangeView OWV PET Guard TDS

Download (45.52KB)

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