orangeView Traffic UV

Highest quality perforated ABG certified window film 40/60 with high dimensional stability for long term applications even in public transport.


orangeView Traffic UV is the solution for a perfect see-through-effect. With 40% open area and 60% printable area you can create brilliant images and at the same time a clear view because of the perfect perforation. With the doublelayer backing liner the Traffic UV is printable with all digital print technologies including latex. The 140μm thick film with a great dimensional stability makes the application easy also for bigger images. As a laminate we recommend orangeView OWV Poly Guard. Our orangeView Traffic UV is in combination with our orangeView OWV Poly Guard certified by the German Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt with ABG-No. ~D 5763.


Data sheet

Thickness (without Paper and adhesive)
140µm PVC, high quality calendered
Solvent Polyacrylate, clear, removable
Perforated window film for application on glass
140g double PE
internal item code


orangeView Traffic UV TDS

Download (46.64KB)

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